Urban dwelling.

Year: 2017 / 7 weeks / 3. semester AHO

Conceptual urban dwelling at Grünerløkka.

Site: Helgesensgate/Steensrupsgate, Oslo

​Assignment: Develop a complete housing quarter on a given site on Grünerløkka. The student is free to choose the number of dwellings and sizes, but given requirements for utilization of the plot and the height of the dwelling must be followed. An important issue is how to relate to the existing buildings around, and the classic Grünerløkka style.

The urban dwelling consists of four different volumes, the northernmost of which is a gallery / museum, while the remaining three have many small apartments. In each of the four corners is placed an unclimated vertical communication (staircase and elevator).

The building volume facing east is made up of several townhouses and a café. The townhouses on the 1st floor have entrance directly from the backyard while the townhouses above, have entrance from a cool hallway on the third floor.

The townhouses are double-height and have rooms on the 2nd floor that hang from the ceiling. These volumes are pivoted at different angles to create a more interesting ceiling, it also provides more interesting light penetration.